Native Apples of Gloucestershire - Charles Martell

This book is a near definitive account of almost 200 indigenous varieties of Gloucestershire apples. Charles has re-discovered and propagated 106 of these varieties which now form the National Collection of Gloucestershire Apples and are planted on his farm in Dymock. Some varieties go back hundreds of years and include those known for eating, for kitchen use or for cider making. But all are examples - some unique - of fruit developed to fit the soils, climate and economics of the county.

Charles has diligently amassed the information within this book over many years, carefully checking its relevance and authenticity. It includes reference photographs, drawings and full botanical descriptions of all the varieties which are still known to exist. It also includes information on many that are thought to be lost or extinct, together with alternative names and history of each variety. Each copy of the book will be signed by Charles.

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native apples of gloucestershire - charles martell
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