All our spirits are produced on the farm by distillation of cider, perry or fermented fruit mash in our wood-fired copper pot still.
We never buy in industrial or neutral spirit.

Vintage Apple Spirit

Hunts Court is home to the ‘National Collection of Gloucestershire Apple Varieties’. Charles has spent nearly 40 years going round the farms and smallholdings of Gloucestershire trying to locate as many of the native apple varieties of the county as he could. He propagated to Hunts Court at least 2 trees of each variety he located. To date he has recorded 190 apple varieties indigenous to Gloucestershire. After a lot of searching and enquiries he has located and propagated 106 of these. Gloucestershire must have more native apple varieties than any other county in Britain! To give credence to this nationally recognised collection he has written a book on his findings called ‘The Native Apples of Gloucestershire’. This book is available to buy online – see here under ‘Publications’.

To make Vintage Apple Spirit a careful selection of vintage varieties suited to fermenting for distilling is made. The whole fruit is fermented before distilling and bottling. The process is carried out from beginning to end ‘on farm’ alternatively known as ‘single estate’.

Like our Vintage Pear Spirit, Vintage Apple Spirit is also a smooth, mellow, rounded drink but with a distinct apple flavour. The two larger sizes are presented in our special tube depicting May Hill, our local landmark. 40% ABV.


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vintage apple spirit
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