Stinking Bishop

Description: If you can overcome the smell, Stinking Bishop is a delicious soft cheese made with full fat pasteurised cows’ milk and vegetarian rennet. The rind is thoroughly washed in perry, giving Stinking Bishop its distinctive characteristic flavour and unique ‘stinking’ aroma. The cheese is presented in a poplar-wood box and tightly wrapped in waxed paper for optimum taste.

Nominal weight 1lb (500g)
Cheese Size 12x4cm
Shelf life 6 weeks from despatch date
Packaging Branded Wooden Box and Waxed Paper

Please note this cheese has a natural rind and may therefore carry mould spots of varying interesting hues from time to time.

History: Launched in 1994, Stinking Bishop is an award-winning British Cheese, handmade by artisan cheesemakers Charles Martell & Son Ltd. Stinking Bishop was appropriately named due to its striking smell and unrivalled taste, developing a strong following amongst cheese lovers for its unique qualities.

Size: 500G Wood Box
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stinking bishop
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