Double Gloucester

Description: Full fat hard cheese. Pasteurised or unpasteurised from Old Gloucester cows’ milk. Annatto coloured with natural rind.

Nominal weight 7.5lbs (3.5Kg)
Cheese Size 21.5 x 11cm
Shelf life 3 months from despatch date
Packaging Waxed Paper

History: Known for at least 200 years in Gloucestershire where it was made on most farms in the vale areas of the county. Many farmhouses can still be seen to-day with their louvered tallets, which is where the cheese was stored before being sold to the cheese factors. These factors would walk on the cheese to check that they weren’t ‘hoven’ or too soft. Production in Gloucestershire sadly died out in the 1950s, but was revived on this farm in 1973. Accepted into a Slow Food Presidium 2004.

Sorry, Double Gloucester is not available from our on-line store. However, it can be purchased from all good independent cheese shops.

double gloucester
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