Stinking Bishop in a Sandwich

30th September 2016

Stinking Bishop has become an increasingly popular artisan cheese for cheese lovers the world over. We're often asked how best to eat the cheese rather than simply on the cheeseboard. There are lots of options but the cheese's mellow, creamy taste makes a delicious addition to a sandwich.

Handcrafted, chewy, artisan bread is the perfect base on which to create a Stinking Bishop cheese sandwich. Thick slices of gooey Stinking Bishop on good bread, or even a crusty baguette, accompanied with a fruity chutney, such as damson, works very well with the tart taste of the fruit balancing out the smooth taste of the cheese. Some fresh red onion will give it a bit of bite!

Fruit is a great accompaniment too. Grapes are an obvious choice, adding a sweetness to the cheese, but one fruit that works especially well is the perry pear, which is used to create the cheese. For the perfect sandwich combination spread a generous amount of rich butter, place the cheese on top with slices of perry pear and add a few leaves of rocket, whose distinct and peppery taste avoids the need for seasoning. And for a classic combination, why not try Charles Martell's ideal sandwich filling; Stinking Bishop with slices of ripe, juicy tomato.

As well as sandwiches, Stinking Bishop is a versatile cheese that can be used in many dishes - perfect to use up any leftovers from a cheeseboard. Even Gloucestershire's local Rugby club have added the cheese to their post-match pick up - the Stinking Bishop burger is now a staple offering!


Charles Martell
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