Originality is rare

22nd September 2016

We've been hand making cheese for decades at our family farm in Dymock, Gloucestershire and we believe sticking to your values and beliefs is the only way to produce high quality, authentic products.

Consumer demands and market trends fluctuate on a yearly basis; it's almost impossible to predict the next craze or determine the sudden 'loser'. That's why I believe - and always have - you should stick to your ethos and never lose sight of why you starting producing cheese in the first place.

My love lies within Gloucestershire breeds and producing handmade produce for genuine and passionate cheese lovers. Cheese fans will be aware that artisan products are not a way of making a quick fortune. A true artisan creator simply cannot produce the volume a supermarket will be after. But, we have stayed true to our roots and produce low-volume, but handmade and high quality cheese.

In the last 5-10 years a gap has appeared in the cheese market. There are only two options, really, stay niche and specialist or sell to the mass market and produce in extremely high volumes. It was a simple decision for me: create a cheese for a select audience that understands what they want. It's been a dream and a passion for a long time now, which I've managed to realise and that's why I'll never change.


Charles Martell
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