Dougie the bull

23rd October 2014

Our Old Gloucester cows have had a wonderful summer, plenty of grass with no hot drought period, they are looking fat.

The bull, Dougie was put with his cows on July 5th. By my reckoning we should be getting calves born on or after 14th April. This is the day the swallows generally arrive here and the weather is by then 'set fair'. It's also the day the cows go out to grass after their winter in the barnyard. After 40 years of going for this date it generally works well for the cows - and us.

Dougie is a particularly potent bull and his calves seem to come to a tight calving pattern, sometimes getting 3 calves in a day. While he is only 5 years old he will have to be moved on very soon as his daughters will be coming into the herd next year.


Charles Martell
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