Nuns of Caen

Description: Full fat unpasteurised sheeps' milk soft cheese made with non-animal rennet. It is rind washed in our own Vintage Pear Spirit. The cheese is wrapped in lined paper.

Nominal weight 700g
Cheese Size 13x5cm
Shelf life 6 weeks from despatch date
Packaging Lined Paper

Please note: This cheese has a natural rind and may therefore carry spots of mould of varying interesting hues from time to time. It is only produced intermittently and in small quantities due to the restricted and seasonal supplies of milk.

History: In the 13th century nuns from Caen, Normandy, settled in Gloucestershire at a place which became known as Minchinhampton. ‘Minchin’ is the old English name for a nun. By the year 1307 these nuns are documented as having 1886 sheep, some of which they milked for cheese making. The fritillary adorns the label because a local farmer, who had many of these flowers growing wild on his farm, believed they were deliberately introduced by the Normandy monastic orders to give added flavour to the herbage of the pastures grazed by the milking sheep. Re-introduced after a lapse of 25 years, in April 2010.

Sorry, Nuns of Caen is not available from our on-line store. However, it can be purchased from all good independent cheese shops.

nuns of caen
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