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The makers of Stinking Bishop cheese


We have been making cheese here at Hunts Court in Gloucestershire for over 40 years. Charles started by hand-milking his three Old Gloucester cows! The first cheese he made was a Double Gloucester from their milk. This momentous (for us) event was documented on a BBC Television programme called a Taste of Britain which went out in 1973. PS This first cheese was awful! The lost Single Gloucester was revived on our farm in 1978. Stinking Bishop was developed and launched in 1994. We now produce 7 different cheeses, including a sheep's milk cheese. That's surely enough for one farm.

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In the recently restored 17th Century still-house, a state of the art copper pot-still has been installed to distil fermented perry pears and cider and perry from the farm. Our still is producing some exceptionally smooth and mellow spirits, which have received excellent reviews for their intense fruity flavour.

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What complements Stinking Bishop on a cheese board?

Charles' Post

One of the best things about the Christmas meal often isn't the turkey or the Christmas pudding - we believe it's the notorious cheese board! The delicious, savoury cheeses accompanied by carefully selected crackers and the finest reds and sweetest dessert wines. But when you have Stinking Bishop taking pride of place on the thick slab of wood, what cheeses complement Britain's smelliest cheese?

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